Baby Series: Make Your Own Baby Food

Babies are the apples of our eye. The ever joyous bundles that never stop making you smile. Babies are the most precious gifts nature bestows upon us. Not only the mother, every one around them loves them with all their hearts. Those innocent looking eyes always know the right heartstrings to pull to have it their way. One flutter of an eyelash and you melt. They are harbingers of joy that just refuse to be left unnoticed. The best thing about babies is that even when they are being the most difficult, one gurgle of laughter or a hidden smile makes you laugh, forgetting all the work you have to do. Babies are a miracle of nature. This miracle demands to be fed properly. russian chocolate

The baby foods that are available on the market have been reported to contain higher levels of pesticides than what is safe. Which mother would want to make their baby have pesticides, whatever the amount! It is safer to make your own baby food out of fruits and vegetables that you buy for yourself and the rest of the family or which you grow in your garden. Invest in an electric baby food mill. A baby food mill purees the vegetables and fruits easily and without hassle.

Although a great job can be done by them of quickly mashing, manual mills do not provide a puree as smooth as the electric mill. It is really important to use a air-tight container. Airtight containers are good to stock up food and if you want to cook for some days at once. It is prudent not to use a container and then store unused food in the same container to make sure of no contamination. A microwave helps in heating polarized food molecules. So go on and make your baby’s food yourself, without the hassle of buying it from the market.

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